About Realty Guard Services

Realty Guard is one of the most unique and valuable real estate concepts in the US. It was created by a select team of MBAs, Ph.Ds, legal, and financial experts that are not only passionate about real estate, but passionate about protecting the interest of consumers. We love helping people buy and sell homes, but our business model does not promote any practices that may create a conflict of interest between a real estate agent and a client.

This concept is so powerful that industry experts say is “the future of real estate marketing,” and “the golden ticket that can’t fail.” The services are so valuable that now we are able to pass on our fees to the real estate industry, so our clients pay nothing for our services.

We have invested more than $500,000 in the development of unique tools and service concepts that no other real estate company is able to provide. With our platform, we can:

  • Give buyers access to exclusive homes that have not yet hit the public market
  • Sell homes before they even hit the MLS with our innovative Pre-Sale™ program
  • Protect our client’s interests through a unique consulting model
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