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Making an impact on a TRILLION DOLLAR industry is not easy, but we’ve proven that with your help, WE CAN DO IT!

What Inspired the Realty Guard Concept

In 2007, our Founder and CEO Nick Thiele pursued a business venture in real estate that literally changed his life. After just a few weeks of starting this venture and witnessing some of the most dishonest practices he had ever seen, his conscience forced him to walk away. But it didn’t end there.

Nick was so affected by this experience that he was determined to build a business that would protect real estate consumers from this type of behavior. He spent countless hours meeting with real estate agents and studying books and training programs to learn what motivates this type of unethical behavior in the real estate industry. What he learned was truly disheartening.

Some of these unethical behaviors include:

  • Buyer’s agents learning how to influence their clients to buy certain homes because of higher commissions offered by the seller
  • How to hide important pieces of information if that could delay getting to closing (pay day)
  • Listing agents using deceptive pricing tactics to manipulate prospective clients and “win the deal”

Unfortunately, the list goes on and on.

Becoming the Most Inspiring Real Estate Company in the US

In its early stages, Realty Guard simply provided a method of “auditing” the home buying or selling process so that these types of situations could easily be avoided. However, as we worked closely with our clients and their agents, we realized that there were many other services that our clients could benefit from, but they were essentially nonexistent in the industry.

With the support of various faculty and staff from his Texas A&M MBA program, Nick was able to come up with unique services that would fill these needs, and the Realty Guard model expanded to become the most unique and valuable real estate service in the country. It is a model that industry experts say is “the future of real estate marketing,” and “the golden ticket that can’t fail.” The services are so valuable that now we are able to pass on our fees to the real estate industry, so our clients pay nothing for our services.

We have invested almost a Million dollars of our own money in the development of unique tools and service concepts that no other real estate company is able to provide. With our platform, we can:

  • Give buyers access to exclusive homes that have not yet hit the public market.
  • Sell homes before they even hit the MLS with our innovative Pre-Sale™ program
  • Protect our clients interests through a unique consulting model.

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